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Dr.David Link’s Journey after Cancer

     My story began with a routine check-up with my doctor when an abnormal blood test eventually led to the discovery of an early but potentially deadly prostate cancer.  Though my career is in taking care of patients with cancer, I was not prepared for the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges which lay ahead.  The experience of making treatment choices was quite humbling having to face the risks of surgery with the hope of ultimately being cured.  

     The recovery from surgery proved to be much more prolonged than I had expected.  Fortunately, I was in excellent physical and mental shape going into this life changing experience.  Recovery from a complicated surgery required great deal of motivation from my family and friends and from my inner self.  The use of a healthy diet, as well as progressive aerobic and resistance exercises, helped me regain the 25 pound weight loss I experienced as well as the significant reconditioning that went along with it.  It was a major factor having a professional trainer and dietitian to assist in this recovery.

  I have chosen to continue these practices and am now 7 years from my original diagnosis of prostate cancer with no sign of recurrence.  I feel healthy and content having survived this experience and I am certain that I am a much stronger person as a result.  Even cancer can ultimately have a positive effect on our lives, if we chose to make it that way.

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